Food Supply Chain Labour Survey

The ALP’s Food Supply Chain Labour Survey Results have been finalised and will be published shortly. They make concerning reading about current and foreseeable labour shortages.

Here are some key points made by labour providers:

  • 99% were unable to meet all their clients labour requirements during summer 2021
  • 47% expect to short supply their customers by over 50% for the autumn and Christmas periods
  • 89% reported that clients have had to increase wage rates yet 81% said that quality was down on 2020
  • 91% have had to invest more money and resources into sourcing workers but only 37% have been able to pass on these increased costs
  • 57% are consolidating their client base and choosing carefully who to supply
  • 88% said that the labour shortages were having a significant or major impact on their business and 12% saying they may not survive
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