Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

The Gender Pay Gap is the relative difference in the average pay of men and women across the labour market. Concept Recruitment Group is committed to equality of pay & equality of opportunity for all of our direct employees and agency workers. We believe that all individuals should be free from any form of discrimination or harassment and paid equally based on their skills and abilities. We exercise full legislative compliance and best practice policies within our company.

At Concept Recruitment Group, men and women are paid equally for the same or similar job.

For the purposes of Gender Pay Reporting, we are required to include agency workers* under the extended definition of an employee and therefore we are unable to control the pay for over 98% of those included within this report as this is stipulated by our clients.

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay: -22.84%

Difference in median hourly rate of pay: 0.00%

Difference in mean bonus pay: -80.42%

Difference in median bonus pay: 33.85%

Percentage of employees who received bonus pay: Male: 1.57%  Female: 2.81%

Proportion of Males and Females by Pay Quartile

Why does Concept Recruitment Group have a Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gaps are based on averages across our organisation and agency workers and does not take into account the type of job or level of seniority.
We believe the pay gaps exist for the following reasons:

  • The distribution of men and women in different roles across our organisation and the temporary employment market
  • We have diminutive control over agency worker pay as this is stipulated by our clients
  • The regulations do not allow for making full-time or full-year equivalent comparisons for employees whose bonuses are pro-rated

Concept Recruitment Group are committed to ensuring agency workers receive fair pay and rights and are well supported in the workplace. However, Concept Recruitment Group do not control the level of pay or bonuses that our agency workers receive.
We confirm that the information and data reported are accurate and in line with the requirement of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Duncan Heywood
Finance Director
May 2023

*An agency worker is someone who is engaged by an agency and supplied to work under the supervision and direction of another business.

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